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Calgary Zoo Package

Amazing Family Adventure at the Calgary Zoo

There’s always something fun going on in the Calgary Zoo’s gorilla exhibit. Smart, gentle and peaceful, the gorillas form part of a close-knit family, called a troop. 2016 was an exciting year for the gorilla troop, as Kioja gave birth to her first baby on March 9, 2016.  After picking their top three names, the Zookeepers asked the public to vote on the name for this newest member of the troop. By a landslide, the winning name was Kimani - pronounced 'key-MA-nee'; an African inspired name meaning beautiful and sweet.

Your family zoo package includes:

Did you know gorilla babies are born totally dependent on their mother? Weighing only about two kilograms (four pounds), they cling to mom’s fur until they’re about four months old when they start to ride on her back.


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